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Novell Storage Manager 4.1 for Active Directory Released

(September 11, 2015)

Novell Storage Manager 4.1 for Active Directory is an engineering maintenance release that adds new functionality while resolving several issues.

New Features

Global Statistics Report (GSR) Collector Improvements The GSR Collector has been redesigned to improve performance and reduce memory consumption. It has been extended to collect data and report on additional managed path types. Additionally, a new scoping configuration has been added to tailor the GSR Collector to the needs of your environment.

The GSR Collector now lets you set specific configuration settings for the Windows network file system and for Active Directory.

NSMAdmin Direct Database Access NSMAdmin now has direct access to the SQL Server database instance for improved performance with the following:

Bug Fixes

Bugs that previously affected the NSM Engine, Event Monitor, Cross-Empire Data Migration, the Database Configuration wizard, and the administrative interface have been fixed. For detailed information, refer to the Novell Storage Manager 4.1 for Active Directory Release Notes.

Novell Storage Manager 4.0.0

(October 7, 2014)

Novell Storage Manager 4.0 introduces SQL Server support for the Active Directory version of the product, along with a variety of new features to both supported network platforms.

SQL Server Database Support
For Novell Storage Manager for Active Directory environments, the SQLite database has been replaced with any version of SQL Server, including SQL Express (available for free). Novell Storage Manager 4.0 for Active Directory includes a utility for migrating the contents of the SQLite database to the SQL Server database. These contents include policies, schedules, pending events, and so forth.

Data Management
This new feature allows you to copy specific data across the network without the need for a policy.

Data Management dialog box.

Two-Staged Enforce Policy Path Management Action
The Enforce Paths Management Action now lets you move files in two stages.closed files first, then the open ones once they have been closed.

Quota Manager Logging
When a Quota Manager changes quota for a managed path, the action is now recorded in the Engine log.

And More
Search filters, Agent and Event Monitor status warnings, a new Clear Managed Path Management Action are also available in this release.