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Novell Storage Manager "Heartbleed Fix"

(April 15, 2014)

This new build includes OpenSSL version 1.0.1g-which is a fix for the "Heartbleed" vulnerability that can expose encrypted data being transmitted between components and a web browser. Novell recommends that all Novell Storage Manager 3.1.x customers update to this version, which is available for download here.

Novell Storage Manager 3.1.1 Released

New Product Capabilities and Performance Enhancements

(June 12, 2013)

New capabilities in Novell Storage Manager 3.1.1 include:

Structure and Categorization Options for Target Paths: The Leveling Algorithm setting of a policy's Target Paths page now lets you structure the home folders so that they are categorized by the first or last letter of a username through a subordinate folder. A new Leveling Length field allows you to enter up to 4 characters, making it so that you can organize home folders by year.

Comments for Deferred Pending Events: You can now place comments on deferred pending events. This allows an administrator to specify to other administrators the reason why he or she deferred the event.

Expanded Options for Bypassable Events: Allows Novell Storage Manager to automatically attempt to address any pending events that can bypass administrative action.

Displaying Administrative and Hidden Shares: You have the option to display Active Directory administrative and hidden shares in NSMAdmin.

A summary of all performance enhancements are included in the Novell Storage Manager 3.1.1 Release Notes, available from the updated Novell Storage Manager documentation website at:

Novell Storage Manager 3.1.0 Released

New Product Capabilities

(Jan 18, 2013)

Novell Storage Manager 3.1 is an integrated product update that coincides with the release of Novell File Reporter 2.0, which was also released today.

Novell Storage Manager also includes significant enhancements including:

Network Operations Center (NOC) Dashboard: The Network Operations Center Dashboard monitors and displays Novell Storage Manager activity. Its multiple monitoring regions help you track Novell Storage Manager activity, performance, and potential problems.

Integration with Novell File Reporter 2.0: Novell File Reporter 2.0 can report on the files and folders of the target paths of Novell Storage Manager 3.1 policies.

Cross-Empire Data Migration (Active Directory Version): For file to file migrations, Novell Storage Manager now lets you resolve alternate namespaces and skip open files. New utilities let you identify and move all files that are new or that have been modified after a given date. You can also verify that all of the files you wanted to migrate from a source server have been migrated.

Novell Storage Manager 3.0.x components are not compatible with Novell Storage Manager 3.1 components. You must upgrade all Novell Storage Manager components in order to maintain connectivity between them.

Novell Storage Manager 3.0.4 Released

New Product Capabilities

(Jun 11, 2012)

As a follow-up to the significant performance enhancements introduced in the 3.0.3 update, this release includes significant new product capabilities for both the Novell eDirectory and Microsoft Active Directory versions of the product. If you are currently running Novell Storage Manager 3.0.2 or earlier, we strongly encourage you to update your version of the product to take advantage of the performance improvements along with the following new capabilities:

Novell Storage Manager for eDirectory
Novell Storage Manager for Active Directory

As part of the product release, the Novell Storage Manager 3.0.x Installation Guide and Novell Storage Manager 3.0.x Administration Guide for both the eDirectory and Active Directory platforms have been updated. For detailed information on the updates to each manual, refer to the Documentation Updates appendix in each manual.

Novell Storage Manager 3.0.3 Released

Performance Enhancements

(November 15, 2011)

This product update provides performance enhancements to the following:

Novell Storage Manager 3.0.2 Released

Enhancements to Cross-Empire Data Migration Subsystem

(June 17, 2011)

This product update includes significant enhancements to how the Cross-Empire Data Migration subsystem in Novell Storage Manager for Active Directory manages folder ownership and security rights during a data migration.

Prior to migrating data, you now specify folder and file rights from the source Novell network to the target Microsoft network using an identity mapping interface.

A new rights mapping interface in the Cross-Empire Data Migration add-on lets you view and modify rights between the source Novell network and the target Microsoft network.

These new enhancements are documented in detail in the Novell Storage Manager 3.0.2 for Active Directory Administration Guide.

The Administration Guide for both the Novell eDirectory and Microsoft Active Directory platforms has been updated with a new chapter: .Managing Existing Collaborative Storage."

Novell Storage Manager 3.0.1 Released

Cross-Empire Data Migration and Microsoft DFS Namespace Support Introduced

(February 23, 2011)

This product update includes significant product enhancements for both the Microsoft Active Directory and Novell eDirectory versions of the product.

New to Novell Storage Manager 3.0.1:
Cross-Empire Data Migration: A subsystem within Novell Storage Manager that allows for the movement of file system data between storage infrastructures on different platforms governed by different identity and security frameworks. You can perform the following types of data copying: Microsoft DFS Namespace Support: Distributed File System (DFS) namespace technology helps Microsoft network administrators group shared folders located on different servers and presents them to users as a virtual tree of folders known as a namespace. Novell Storage Manager now presents these namespaces as available storage resources in the Storage Resource List.

Action Objects: To enable the automation of very distinct storage actions outside of what is practical with Novell Storage Manager policies, Novell Storage Manager 3.0.1 for eDirectory includes new Action Objects APIs. Action Objects enable specific actions in coordination with other applications that manage through eDirectory or LDAP. One such example is Novell Identity Manager.

Copy Policy Data: Allows you to copy all or a portion of the policy settings of one policy into another policy.

Export Policy: Provides the ability to export policies so that they can be imported later.

Import Policy: Provides the ability to import policies that were previously exported.

Bug Fixes: Detailed in the Novell Storage Manager 3.0.1 Release Notes. For more information on each of the product enhancements mentioned above, refer to the updated Novell Storage Manager 3.0.1 documentation set at:

Novell Storage Manager Released

(November 10, 2010)

This product update includes the introduction of the AuxMap utility and bug fixes to the NSM Engine, NSM Agents, and NSMAdmin.

The AuxMap utility lets you map drive letters to a user¿s auxiliary storage folders through command line parameters in a Novell Client login script or a Windows logon script. For more information, see Appendix B in the Novell Storage Manager 3.0 for eDirectory Administration Guide or Appendix C in the Novell Storage Manager 3.0 for Active Directory Administration Guide. Both manuals have been updated and are available at the Novell Storage Manager 3.0 documentation site at:

For a list of bug fixes, refer to the Novell Storage Manager release notes at the same documentation site.

Novell Storage Manager 3.0 Released

(September 13, 2010)

Developed with an emphasis on feature parity between the Active Directory and eDirectory versions of the product, Novell Storage Manager 3.0 introduces capabilities that were previously available only in the eDirectory version of the product. Some of the more notable new capabilities include:

The Start page displays the management status of user storage and now collaborative storage.

The Global Statistics page showing cumulative data including quota management data.

Enhancements were added to Novell Storage Manager for eDirectory as well. These include:

An HTML installation interface simplifies installation in both Active Directory and eDirectory environments.